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As you’ve probably noticed. Doing stuff for Halloween took up much of my time and put my reviews off schedule. I will finish my 21 year review project soon.

Of all the movies being remade by Hollywood right now, I’m surprised that “Robin and the 7 Hoods” hasn’t been. In this economy and era of Ponzie Schemes it would be a big hit with people.

This holiday weekend I saw two movies that got me thinking about audience reactions.  One movie had a much more subdued reaction than I was expecting while the second seemed to be built around and for audience participation.  The movies were the Coen Brothers’ new movie “A Serious Man” and the second Twilight film “New Moon”.
I saw A Serious Man on a Wednesday afternoon at the independent theater that was showing it in town.  When I sat down 15 minutes before showtime, the theater was empty.  Eventually I was joined by around 15 people who didn’t have half as much fun as I did.  The movie is very much a Coen comedy with big characters forced to be civil to one another instead of giving into their rage.  While the movie is very much a tragedy it was very funny and I laughed throughout it.  However for whatever reason the rest of the audience was mostly silent laughing only at the really big jokes and missing the smaller subtler ones.

They did like the movie though, because they clapped at the end.  Which is actually something I despise.  There is no reason to applaud at the end of a movie, because unlike a live performance there is no one responsible for the movie on hand to hear it.  Of course, if you were at a premiere or a special screening then it should happen as it merits.
I saw New Moon midday on Sunday, after it had been out in the theaters for nine days, and while it was still the number one movie of the weekend  our theater was fairly bare with only around one hundred people in attendance.  But they enjoyed their movie; they laughed and cheered and softly swooned when appropriate.

But what was odd, was that the movie prepared for those moments.  When a character was introduced there were long pauses so that no lines would be overwhelmed by the cheering which must have accompanied those rabid opening day showings.  That would be all well and good if this was a live performance and the cast waited for the reaction to die before continuing their performance, but now, those 15 second silent breaks are forever etched in the film.  Years from now when people rewatch their dvds they’ll wait patiently for the action to resume while enduring the long silent cheers.

And of course, the New Moon audience clapped as well.

Next week the twelfth and final issue of DC’s Wednesday Comics comes out.  This has been a fun if controversial summer series and I’ll be sad to see it go.

What was most exciting about this book was its potential in Mark Chiarello’s concept of letting great creators loose to create whatever they’d like on giant oversized pages of newsprint.  As the names and titles involved slipped out before the book arrived in stores, I was anxiously anticipating the stories that could not exist anywhere else.

But sadly, once I had the book, each week it took more effort than I expected to make myself unfold it and read it.  The range of quality between the strips was disheartening and disappointing.

I loved Kamandi, Strange Adventures, Wonder Woman and Flash Comics.  The creators behind these pages took full advantage of the opportunity and made sure that each installment offered a satisfyingly dramatic movement in the larger story and gave a reason to come back for more.

Yet there were many pages that had a bigger story but didn’t consistently wow me with their virtuosity.  Batman, Deadman, Supergirl, Metamorpho, Green Lantern, The Metal Men, Hawkman and The Demon & Catwoman were all interesting and enjoyable, but not enough to put the book in my hands each week.

At the far end of the spectrum were Sgt. Rock, Superman and Teen Titans.  All three told very simple stories that moved at a glacial rate thanks to large panels that wasted the giant canvas provided.

That said… I’m really looking forward to another volume!  I hope that DC lets Mark Chiarello do this again.  (Or anything else he comes up with.)  But I hope when he looks for his next line up, he finds people who will make the most of the opportunity.

Most wags have been offering their guesses/suggestions as to which characters/titles should be in the next volume, which misses the point of the book.  Wednesday Comics shouldn’t be about the characters, it should be about creators doing something different.  When this volume was created, Mark C didn’t set out to publish a Metamorpho strip by Neil Gaimen and Mike Allred, Marc asked Neil to write something, and Neil said “Metamorpho” and invited Mike Allred to join him.

So when the next volume comes along I hope Mark asks creators, “What would you do with 16 14”x20” pages?”  And I hope he gets some great answers.

Much is being made out of the fact that Yahoo and Microsoft are doing business together.  And honestly I can’t see why.

First off, it’s worth noting that Yahoo has had other people run its search engine before: Alta Vista and Google.  Secondly, Microsoft couldn’t make a decent search engine until Vista & Bing; the search engine on any Windows OS before Vista was nothing but a waste of time.

But the third and most important factor is the fact that people move on.  Once someone has stopped using a product it’s terribly hard to bring them back to it.  The best example for this is social media sites.

Right now I have Twitter and Facebook accounts, but I’ve also had and abandoned accounts at MySpace and Friendster.  I started first with Friendster because that was the one everyone I knew had, then came MySpace with pages you could customize and fill with gawd awful music and animations that made going to the page unbearable.  But I had to sign up for that because everyone was on it.

Then Facebook came along and was the new hot thing and everyone went there because it was an improvement on the way MySpace worked, plus it wasn’t as annoying.  MySpace didn’t seem to understand it was being replaced and decided that it was so important people would want to start listening to bands and seeing movie trailers and reading comic books on it.  And Rupert Murdock thought it was worth $580 million dollars.  But it wasn’t.  The money just insulated them from realizing the fact that people were leaving them behind.  And then the layoffs started

So now I’m on Facebook.  But I really only go on there to send messages to the few friends I have who use it exclusively instead of email.  Also I’ll approve the people who want to be my friend.  But in the meantime I’m just waiting for a new streamlined cleaner site to come along and replace Facebook.  Because it will happen and people will use it and like it better and leave their Facebook accounts behind in the electronic dust.

Bringing this back to search engines, right now 65% of people are using currently Google and 30% of people are using either Yahoo or Microsoft, so how would a semi-merger help them win market share?  The people who are using Google have already moved away from Yahoo and Microsoft.  65% of people say they prefer Option A to Options B or C.  So making Options B and C the same won’t entice people back from Option A.  Yahoo and Microsoft have already been left behind, they’ve just got too much money insulating them to notice…yet.

My dad has recently started blogging: The OB Ranger It’s worth a regular read.

It’s been a while since I posted huh?

Colleen & I just moved and that ate up lots of time. Along with a trip to Phoenix to help my dad recover from knee surgery. But those are over and with any luck I’ll be back to posting more regularly.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping my twitter going so check there for updates in between posts.

I liked this season it answered a lot and I’m looking forward to the future. This is almost on par with the ending of Season 3. And as I try to think about who is where and what they’ll do next…I keep thinking about how if Faraday’s plan worked, then everything could be completely different and I can’t even imagine what next season will bring. It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to the final season.

There are two things I want to discuss in specifics though: Juliet/Sawyer/Kate/Jack and Locke/Not-Locke/Jacob/Jacob’s Enemy/Smoke Monster.

As the ending came about I was surprised how much I had grown to like Juliet. When she first appeared I didn’t much care for her, and when she joined up with the 815ers I didn’t like her then, but this season she’s been great and watching what happened to her this episode was painful. The problem I had with her was that at first she was too involved in the part of the show I disliked the most: Jack & Kate’s relationship. But once she and Sawyer were away from those two, they really blossomed for me. They were fun but serious and I appreciated the lives they had built and was sorry to see Jack and Kate return and destroy all that.

Of course…maybe next season she can be happy? In the new timeline? Maybe she’ll be able to be with Sawyer? Hm…what if the plan was all for naught and everyone’s minds will be shifted into their new timeline bodies?

And now we have Esau (five bucks says his name is something along those lines). All this time I thought that Jacob was animating Christian & Claire and that he was or controlled the smoke monster who was also Mr. Eko’s brother. I also figured that the smoke monster was also Dead Alex and Locke after the episode when Ben when to the temple. But now it appears that all those people have been Jacob’s Enemy (who can’t kill Jacob – much like in the Book of Jubilees).

Next season will be fun!

I think I saw the Vazquez Rocks blowing up in one of the dozen Star Trek commercials on the air right now. If I didn’t imagine it, that’s wonderful.

Six weeks ago tomorrow I came down with bronchitis (which was diagnosed as such last week). And now I’m actually feeling better. At least, I think I’m feeling better. It has honestly been so long, that I have forgotten what it would feel like to breathe normally.

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