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Buying comics for 21 years has taken me to lots of stores in lots of cities but I got my start back home in Quincy, California.

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1. Having someone come to our WonderCon booth the second year we were there asking to see what was new because he liked our stuff last year
2. Selling a woman her first comic a copy of “Woah Mini Comics #1”
3. Colleen spotting a Green Lantern t-shirt and recognizing it from my recent Halloween costume and getting it for me as a surprise
4. Putting together our first booth at WonderCon
5. Various great movie previews: Spider-Man 2 with Tobey McGuire, Batman Begins with Christian Bale, Borat in person showing the naked fight scene, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man text sequence, and countless others
Borat preview
…and there were lots of great parties along the way…

We had a great time at the show. Great crowds and people each day with a lot of energy. There are plenty of other write ups and commentaries on the show, so I won’t go into everything.

But the highlights for me would have to be not just the people who took the time to stop at our booth, talk with us and pick up a comic. But the people who we sold comics to last year, who then came by this year to let us know how much they enjoyed them. Making comics can be somewhat lonely, its just a few of us working privately for a long time and then when we’re done, we send it out and hope someone will see our work and think it has value. And to have people look for us the next year, is one of the highest compliments I can imagine. Even if the rest of the con had been bad, nothing could take me down from that high.

But luckily the rest of the show was fun. We traded off visiting panels and events. I only saw two, but they were the ones I wanted to see more than anything the Michael Chabon & Matt Fraction conversation and a panel about Sit Down, Shut Up a new tv show by the people who made Arrested Development, one of the top 5 tv shows ever made (The Wire, Arrested Development, I Love Lucy, The Simpsons, Homicide: Life on The Streets) and people who made my favorite Simpsons episode and seasons. Both panels were fun and enlightening. The rest of the group took in stuff on Star Trek, UP!, Terminator and more.

So now it’s over. With renewed energy and drive we look forward to next year and what we can put together in the meantime.


Everything is ready and I’m about to hop on a train down to Moscone Center. David and James will meet me there and Eric will be by later. Tonight after the show we’ll be attending the Isotope’s Tiki-Tour for as long as our livers will last!

You can follow all of our con adventures on Twitter.

Two weeks ago Colleen and I flew down to Phoenix to visit with my parents for my Dad’s birthday.  We had a great time that included going to the Desert Botanical Gardens to view their Dale Chihuly show “The Nature of Glass.”

I’ve been to other Chihuly shows before and they’re always amazing (like last summer’s Chihuly at the de Young here in SF).  He and his team are somehow able to create the brilliant and lively shapes and colors in glass in ways I never expect and put them together in ways that defy logic.

But what struck me about this show was how the glass pieces were presented in the natural landscape of the Botanical Gardens.  For the most part the glass forms were planted in the ground in a way that made it look as though they grew up naturally and made everything feel alien, as though we were visiting an alien world.  It was a tremendous show in both the afternoon and night when the glass pieces were lit inside and out.

The show stayed with me for several more days as I thought about what an artist can accomplish if given the free reign and opportunity to do so.

Just the other day I discovered the Monona Terrace in Madison, WI.  This building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1938 and that he tried to have built until his death in 1959.  It was finally approved in 1992, and opened in 1997.  What confuses and frustrates me so is that here was a design by greatest American architect of all time and it took nearly 60 years to be produced.

Four years ago at WonderCon there was a panel memorializing Will Eisner just after he passed away.  And the conversation turned to the various inventions and different stories Eisner produced being in part to his lack of restrictions.  And a comparison was made to Jack Kirby (perhaps by Mark Evanier?) and how “no one ever said to Kirby, ‘Go create what you want!’ it was always ‘Make us a new Fantastic Four’ or ‘Make a new Captain America!’”  And while he made some great creations just think of what he would have done with absolute freedom.

There has to be a certain point when an artist or creator can become great enough that people will say “here is some money, create what you want.”  Because I think more often than not, a great artist will produce something that is more honest and more astounding that way.

…or if no will give them the freedom they need, I hope they are rich like Mike Judge and his “Fuck you money.”

It’s nearly here!

The doors open Friday at noon and for the second year in a row Woah Comics will be there in force.

Once again we’re located in the small press section (SP-15) where we look forward to meeting new people, say hi to old friends, and put books in readers’ hands!

With me as always will be David Rodriguez and Eric Weiner and James Wilson.

You can find more information at our facebook invitation here:
Or WonderCon’s site:

We made it!

WonderCon was a lot of fun this weekend.  David, Eric and myself were all on hand for the weekend, but we had a dozen other friends stop by and check us out.  But besides our usual group of supporters we had the opportunity to meet lots of great people.  We tried to speak with everyone who came by and we really appreciated their time.  And we had the chance to meet some of the folks near us like:

Looking at the rest of the con schedule it’s hard to say what we’ll be attending.  This took a lot of time and left us pretty tired at the end of it.  After having a booth at APE last year I’m still on the fence about going there again.  And with my upcoming wedding, my free time is getting stretched pretty thin.  So we haven’t made any decisions yet, but we’re going to have to think about what we do next very carefully.

It’s nearly here!

Issue 4 just came back from the printers. Our booth equipment is all set. And we can show off where our booth is located! We’re in the small press section, at booth SP-14. You can find us here:Small Press Map

We are looking forward to meeting everyone who comes by the booth to either pick up a book or to simply meet you all.

We’re also looking forward to checking out some of the great programming that WonderCon has scheduled. And we’re sure to be attending at least one Isotope party!

We hope to see you there!

Today the exhibitors of WonderCon got their information packets.  It had a map and listing of where everyone will be.  As near as I can tell from the map it looks like this year will be bigger than last year.  Which is a very good thing.


We’ll be in the Small Press section, which in particular looks to be expanded from last year.  I’m not sure how much or little we’re allowed to say since the information hasn’t been released to the public.


We know as much as the public does about the programming.  That is to say, very little.  I would be excited to see what movies will be discussed and presented…since there are quite a few good ones this summer.  Or at least big ones. 


Of course the big fun of the event will be hanging out at the booth and meeting people as they come by.

We’re going to WonderCon!

I just got the letter today.  We only applied last week.  I think WonderCon should be big this year, it’s early so it retakes it’s early status from “New York Comic Con” and also with APE so late, it’s going to be the main SF con this year.  We’re looking forward to it.

We will have issues 1-4 on hand.  Plus hopefully something from the new project we’re keeping mum on so far.  And we might even make something special that uniquely displays the talents of the three of us.

Hope to see you at WonderCon!


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