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Though I can hardly believe it, 2009 is practically over.  Which means it’s time for me to once again look over the books I read and see what’s on The Dropping Block.

Before I look at the titles themselves, my overall impression is to note that there are fewer comics listed here than previously.  Also my general feeling for the comics below is less enthusiasm than I’ve had in the past.  And I’m not alone in this line of thinking.  There are many books that I actively look forward too, but many that I slog through and hope things improve.  I’m also looking for some new book to come up and demand my readership, but there isn’t a whole lot out there that inspires those feelings.
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At the end of last year I took a look at what I had been reading and what I thought I would be reading.  And now we’re roughly halfway into the year I think I can safely make some changes to my reading habits based on what’s happened and what’s coming…

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Right now I’m taking a long hard look at the list of comics I read. Each week when I pick up a stack of comics there are some I’m dying to read and devour.  And there are some that I have to look at the cover and remember what was going on in this book and what am I interested in.   So there are some books I probably am not enjoying as much as I could.  This could be because I’m bored with them, I read too many things or its been too long since the comic came out.

But there are a few other factors here, since I’ve gotten married I’m trying to be more responsible with my spending.  Also comics are getting more expensive and are most definitely an elastic commodity (thanks Stringer Bell’s economics teacher in “The Wire!”) and rising prices should give us all worry.  Instead maybe I should be spending money on quality books that I’m more interested as they’re collected (upcoming Swamp Thing collections,  Absolute Sandman, Starman Omnibus, American Flagg! and so on).  And maybe I should put more time into my own writing (not that I can find much time for that now anyway) instead of reading.

So since it’s the end of 2008 I thought I would look at what comics I’m reading now and what could happen to them in 2009…

Monthly books

Action Comics, Superman and Supergirl

I’ve really been enjoying Action Comics, and Superman is ok.  Supergirl joined the mix for “New Krypton” and is just a temporary situation.  I imagine that I’ll drop all three after New Krypton and instead pick up Superman: Secret Origin.  Action Comics (Greg Rucka has said he’s signed on to do Action Comics for “a year” with Nightwing and Flamebird)  could be interesting, so it could stick around.  I haven’t really been enjoying Robinson’s run on Superman as everyone acts like a jerk and that’s unpleasant to read.  But in a year things will be different and we’ll see what I read.


This is another book that’s going to be a wait and see.  I’m definitely picking up these next few months of books, and I’ll probably get suckered into picking the Battle For the Cowl miniseries and maybe one or two of its one-shots.  But reading past that is up in the air depending on the creative team and the direction of the book(s) after that.

Justice Society of America

Today Geoff Johns announced that he, penciler Dale Eaglesham and editor Michael Siglain would all be leaving the book at issue 26 which I think is ok.  I’ve got every issue of this book and every issue of the JSA series that preceded it and every now and then it drags and slows down.  And this Gog story has really been dragging its feet.  They threw in an annual and a few specials and now we’re almost through it and that’s great.  I was ready for the story to end.  In fact I wasn’t sure how long I’d stick around past this.  But now we’re about to have several issues about Black Adam, which sound good and has a clear end: Issue 26.  So I’m ok with stopping then.  Of course, the right creative team could keep in reading.  We’ll see what happens in May when it switches.

Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps

I’ve been enjoying both of these books.  Geoff Johns and Ivan Reiss are terrific on GL and I read GLC for Patrick Gleason’s pencils and the cast (made great because of Dave Gibbons).  And of course I’m going to stay with these books through the Blackest Night event, and like a sucker, I’ll be picking up the important tie ins.  But if there is a month where each DC book crosses into BN I naturally won’t get those.  It also appears that GL will be the only ongoing title from Johns that I’ll be reading for the year which is a shame because I like his writing, but I’m not interested in the books he’ll be writing.  He’s going to take on Flash & Adventure Comics (starring the Legion of Super-Heroes) later and I’m not a Flash fan.  And I’ve never been a Legion fan so I probably won’t pick that up.

Captain America

This is the best book Marvel comics is putting out and I look forward each month to reading and rereading what Ed Brubaker and co have put together.  I’m fully on board with Bucky as the new Captain America and I’m perfectly fine if Steve doesn’t come back.  Ed can make anything interesting.


Another great book by “The Broob” (who I once played air hockey against while dressed like an AIM agent).  This is a book that I haven’t been looking forward to as much as I should, I think I just need to reread the last few months and get back my excitement.


Criminal is something I didn’t pick up right away and kick myself for.  It’s tremendous, in fact, I gave Eric the first three trades as his groomsman gift.  Of course it’s going to go on hiatus so that Ed and Sean Phillips can do another creator owned book for a few months instead.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.  I’ll pick up whatever the two of them put out.

Guardians of The Galaxy

My monthly dose of Adam Warlock.  How can I not love this?  I’m stuck and dedicated to it.  But the upcoming War of the Kings has me nervous.  I really don’t want to read any more than I have to.  But if it’s a good story…eh, maybe?  I don’t have a lot of confidence in it though.  I’ve been burned too much too often.

The Goon

One of the greatest comics produced in the last 10 years.  “Goon year” has been great and I nervously await its conclusion.  It probably won’t come out as regularly next year, as it’s never come out as often as it did this year and even then it was just barely in some issues.  But this is another series that I’ll read as often as Eric Powell feels like producing it.  I gave another Groomsmen named Eric the first few trades of this as well.

Usagi Yojimbo

Another classic book.  Stan Sakai has created a wonderful world with a thrilling cast in a well crafted and artful way that comes out each month.  I eagerly await each issue, and am very slowly completing my collection of the early trades.

Mini Series

Final Crisis, Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3D, and Final Crisis: Legion of the 3 Worlds

I’m with this to the end, though it should be wrapping up in due time.  But Legion of the 3 Worlds will probably drag on for a while.  And while I said I’m not a Legion fan I do love George Perez art.  If he is on the new Adventure Comics…that could get me involved.  But these won’t be going on far into 2009, so I’m ok with that.

Secret Invasion and Dark Reign

Secret Invasion has ended and the Dark Reign has begun.  But after SI 8, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more event books from Marvel.  I really only read three books from Marvel so I can pretty much avoid the events.  And I haven’t liked the last ones I’ve read: SI, Civil War, House of M.  They haven’t impacted the books I read.  And hopefully DR won’t either.  It can have the Marvel U, as long as it leaves my corner alone.  (And having looked at the “Dark Reign checklist” it does!)

Irregular books


I really like this book and I like that Jeff Smith is doing something so different from BONE, but I just wish it came out more often.

All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder

Oh this…Why do I still get it?  It has to be the most consistently bad comic book that comes out.  And…that’s really part of the charm.  Every issue I pick up and think, oh man, what crazy stupid thing has Frank written this time?  And I’m never disappointed.  I just wish that DC would insist that he wrap it up soon.  The All Star line will end when this does.  So make Jim Lee take a break from the dozen other things he’s doing and finish up this terrifically terrible comic book.

Ex Machina

I really like Brian K. Vaughn and I’m a little sad this is the only book he’s putting out right now.  I know he’s busy with LOST and I don’t blame him for that.  But when Y ended he said he had some story ideas but wanted to wait and refine them before he just did them, since at the time any publisher would have been thrilled to put out a BKV book.  But when this ends in just over a year, LOST will be going into his final season and we had better see some new BKV comics coming out.  And I never thought that Tony Harris was a fast penciler, so why is he doing other books in the mean time?  Though I do enjoy all the “Specials” by John Paul Leon and we can keep those coming.

Special Forces

Another book that’s great whenever it comes out.  I’ve been enjoying it but I imagine this isn’t a long term book.  Just some political fun by Kyle Baker.  Very good.

True Story Swear To God

Same story.  Tom Beland is a really great guy.  Very nice.  And I do miss this comic.  The last issue was out in April?  How sad.  I knew I was missing it, but April was a long time ago!  I’m sure he has his reasons, because this is a man who loves comics.  I just hope he comes back and shares that with us some more.