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Buying comics for 21 years has taken me to lots of stores in lots of cities but I got my start back home in Quincy, California.

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1. Having someone come to our WonderCon booth the second year we were there asking to see what was new because he liked our stuff last year
2. Selling a woman her first comic a copy of “Woah Mini Comics #1”
3. Colleen spotting a Green Lantern t-shirt and recognizing it from my recent Halloween costume and getting it for me as a surprise
4. Putting together our first booth at WonderCon
5. Various great movie previews: Spider-Man 2 with Tobey McGuire, Batman Begins with Christian Bale, Borat in person showing the naked fight scene, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man text sequence, and countless others
Borat preview
…and there were lots of great parties along the way…

Ghah, time flies!  I’ve been meaning to write about this past weekend, but the present keeps getting in the way.

Halloween was a great night.  We decided to attend the Isotope’s party since we weren’t having one.  For the last five years Eric & I have thrown “Spook-A-Palooza” but we were both too busy to devote the time and energy it would require this year.  So, we sadly put it on hiatus, with the hopes that next year’s return will be grand.

I dressed as Tetsuo from AKIRA which people recognized and complimented me on (my cyborg arm) at the party.  This was a huge improvement over work (were about half of us dressed up) where I spent the day saying “I’m from a Japanese comic and movie from the 1980s” only to be met with blank stares.  But that’s ok.  It was worth it.

Also in our group Colleen was a witch, Eric was Rorschach (getting that in a year before it’s over exposed), our friend Amy was Sarah Palin (the only year that will be noteworthy) and David was…nothing.  Because he’s lame.

We enjoyed the parade of costumes and were expecting an endless stream of Sarah Palins, Jokers and Nurse Jokers.  I was really hoping for a Palin-Joker, but it was not to be.  We did have four Jokers at the Isotope party, but they were outnumbered by five Batmen (or four Batmen and a Batman Beyond).  Plus for back up there were four Clark Kents and a Bruce Wayne.

And Triple Cobra was fantastic.  And they closed with a brilliant rendition of “Thriller.”  We’re going to make it a point to see the next time they do a full show.

Saturday I slogged through the rain with Eric & James Wilson for APE.  We didn’t get a booth there this year.  We were expecting to be busy this year and last year’s APE was just ok for us.  We were placed in a poor section of the floor.  This year they rearranged things and moved the food court into what used to be the most ignored ghetto area (the upper right side closest to the front as you enter), which was a brilliant decision and made the convention much easier to walk.

There was a little something for everyone there.  It was nice to peek at Kramer’s Ergot 7 and look over all the other great things.  I made a point to stop by Writer’s Old Fashioned’s booth and picked up Emily’s Brazillianoir and Danger Bob’s Dwarves Behaving Badly.

It was a great day but a long one.  I spent Sunday relaxing.  I considered going back to APE, but instead Colleen & I spent it shopping for things for the house.  I don’t regret it.

We’re going to WonderCon!

I just got the letter today.  We only applied last week.  I think WonderCon should be big this year, it’s early so it retakes it’s early status from “New York Comic Con” and also with APE so late, it’s going to be the main SF con this year.  We’re looking forward to it.

We will have issues 1-4 on hand.  Plus hopefully something from the new project we’re keeping mum on so far.  And we might even make something special that uniquely displays the talents of the three of us.

Hope to see you at WonderCon!


This weekend was APE, which we had been waiting and preparing for for a while.  And in the end, it all came together as you can see here:

That’s David & I sitting at our booth.  The banner was four individual strips that David copied an image from WMC #3 onto (it was also the cover).  The table cloth we crafted onsite.  Eric had his camera handy the whole time and was taking photos throughout the weekend.  Including some of the people who stopped by to see us and maybe pick up a book.

And we met some cool folks in the booths nearby like the guys of RESPARK and the men behind Mulletor.  And here is a photo of David showing off the image he traded with Andy of Metal Box Comics.

It was a tremendous honor being a part of such an important show.  And it was fantastic to have people look over our books, that we have put so much into, and decide they were worth picking up and taking home.

On Sunday night just before we packed up and headed home two women stopped by and looked at the booth.  And one of them bought a copy of WMC #1 because she liked the story.  But as she paid, she said that this was the first comic she had ever bought.  (Why she was then at APE, I’m not sure, but there is of course, something there for everyone.)  And that was a thrill.  That was better than any of the other books we sold that day.  She was one of our new readers, and hopefully a new reader of comics in general.

If you would like to see some more of Eric’s photos just click here.

Well, the books are all packed and the banner is waiting in the car. Now I’m off to pick up David & Eric and we’ll be heading to APE! Hope to meet lots of people and have a great time! See you there!


APE 07 map

Well, we’ve got word where we’ll be. Finishing touches going onto our banner currently. David is chomping at the bit to get to work on issue 4, but I keep holding him back. We’ve got some things to do for APE first. But if you stop by our booth, you might see what he’s done so far on Issue 4. And Eric has come up with a special extra for our booth. I don’t want to give to much away now, so we hope to see you soon at APE!


So things are moving along quickly for APE and our summer plans. Eric & I have made our backdrop stand, and David is making the banners for it. We are also making a few changes to issue two, to fix a few errors, before we head out and print up a huge stack of them to have ready for APE. Issue 4 might not be done in time, but there will be something to show from it. Eric is also going to be documenting the process of Issue 4 for the site. Look forward to that.

In the summer we’ll also be busy. David will be attending the CSU Summer Arts program which has an program “How to Create Comic Books and Graphic Novels“. And right after that we get ready to head to San Diego Comic Con. But sadly we didn’t get a booth there. But we will be in full force and you won’t be able to miss us. And then once we get back to San Francisco David & I are going to get a place together and make it into a studio. Then we’ll be able to get more work done faster. We have some big plans for after Issue 4.


In preparation for APE, Adam and I went to Home Depot and bought piping to prepare for our glorious backdrop that will set our booth apart from all others. Adam decided to pose in-front to give you an idea of how large this will actually be:


We’ve got a table at APE! I got the exhibitor packet yesterday. And Eric & I have built a backdrop for our booth and David is making plans for the art on it. Also this week we should be hearing if we get a booth at San Diego. As soon as we hear, it will be on the blog and the main page, and I might just yell it from the rooftops. Oh, and Issue 3 is done. We handed in copies to the Isotope for the MiniComic contest. It should be online later today. Check it out and let us know what you think!