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1. Having someone come to our WonderCon booth the second year we were there asking to see what was new because he liked our stuff last year
2. Selling a woman her first comic a copy of “Woah Mini Comics #1”
3. Colleen spotting a Green Lantern t-shirt and recognizing it from my recent Halloween costume and getting it for me as a surprise
4. Putting together our first booth at WonderCon
5. Various great movie previews: Spider-Man 2 with Tobey McGuire, Batman Begins with Christian Bale, Borat in person showing the naked fight scene, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man text sequence, and countless others
Borat preview
…and there were lots of great parties along the way…

San Diego Comic Con was last week and I missed it.  I was here at home enjoying birthday celebrations for some great friends of ours.  Of course, my thoughts did drift down there pretty regularly.  It sounded really crowded but that for the most part people had fun.  That’s how I remember it when I went down there before…2006?  Wow.  Anyway, plans are being made to go down there again next year.  Colleen will come too and I’ll have to protect her from the Twi-hate.  Of course maybe by then idiots will have a new grudge.

The bit of news that has intrigued me the most is Marvel buying the Marvelman rights.  Of course, like many people have pointed out, Marvel has only announced half of what interest people.  This is a character with decades of history on and off the page.  But is really only remembered for 28 actual comics (Miracleman 1-24, Miracleman 3D 1, Miracleman Apocrypha 1-3).  So not being able to announce plans to reprint those comics makes this half a news story.  Of course, the fact that they are drawing him and selling t-shirts with the original logo and not the modified one used in the memorable comics is very telling…

Of course, at least you can say that Marvel has people talking.  And while I’d love to see a great hardcover collection and best case senario of Neil Gaiman & Mark Buckingham completing it.  I’m now torn, because I actually had a lead on some issues of Miracleman which I had always dismissed as being un ownable…but after seeing some issues in a box I’m tempted, but if there is a fancy hardcover in the not to distant future?  Hm, what to do?

The best news about real comic books that people can really and truly buy at some point are the new Bone books!  Those sound wonderful.

And sneaking in some sports news, NFL training camps are open.  And I’m very happy to see Shawne Merriman is back in action.  And with some enthusiastic hair!

So things are moving along quickly for APE and our summer plans. Eric & I have made our backdrop stand, and David is making the banners for it. We are also making a few changes to issue two, to fix a few errors, before we head out and print up a huge stack of them to have ready for APE. Issue 4 might not be done in time, but there will be something to show from it. Eric is also going to be documenting the process of Issue 4 for the site. Look forward to that.

In the summer we’ll also be busy. David will be attending the CSU Summer Arts program which has an program “How to Create Comic Books and Graphic Novels“. And right after that we get ready to head to San Diego Comic Con. But sadly we didn’t get a booth there. But we will be in full force and you won’t be able to miss us. And then once we get back to San Francisco David & I are going to get a place together and make it into a studio. Then we’ll be able to get more work done faster. We have some big plans for after Issue 4.


We’ve got a table at APE! I got the exhibitor packet yesterday. And Eric & I have built a backdrop for our booth and David is making plans for the art on it. Also this week we should be hearing if we get a booth at San Diego. As soon as we hear, it will be on the blog and the main page, and I might just yell it from the rooftops. Oh, and Issue 3 is done. We handed in copies to the Isotope for the MiniComic contest. It should be online later today. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Adam Farrar & David Rodriguez will be attending San Diego Comic Con!
Look for us we will be wearing WOAH Comics t-shirts!