We had a great time at the show. Great crowds and people each day with a lot of energy. There are plenty of other write ups and commentaries on the show, so I won’t go into everything.

But the highlights for me would have to be not just the people who took the time to stop at our booth, talk with us and pick up a comic. But the people who we sold comics to last year, who then came by this year to let us know how much they enjoyed them. Making comics can be somewhat lonely, its just a few of us working privately for a long time and then when we’re done, we send it out and hope someone will see our work and think it has value. And to have people look for us the next year, is one of the highest compliments I can imagine. Even if the rest of the con had been bad, nothing could take me down from that high.

But luckily the rest of the show was fun. We traded off visiting panels and events. I only saw two, but they were the ones I wanted to see more than anything the Michael Chabon & Matt Fraction conversation and a panel about Sit Down, Shut Up a new tv show by the people who made Arrested Development, one of the top 5 tv shows ever made (The Wire, Arrested Development, I Love Lucy, The Simpsons, Homicide: Life on The Streets) and people who made my favorite Simpsons episode and seasons. Both panels were fun and enlightening. The rest of the group took in stuff on Star Trek, UP!, Terminator and more.

So now it’s over. With renewed energy and drive we look forward to next year and what we can put together in the meantime.

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