At the end of last year I took a look at what I had been reading and what I thought I would be reading.  And now we’re roughly halfway into the year I think I can safely make some changes to my reading habits based on what’s happened and what’s coming…

Monthly books
Batman & Robin, Detective Comics, Batman
and Battle for the Cowl –  Battle for the Cowl is finally ending and I can resume reading Batman comics again.  And while before I was picking up “Batman” I’ll be dropping that for “Batman & Robin” and “Detective Comics.”  Those books will easily be the best things on the shelves the weeks they come out.  I cannot wait to pick them up starting in June.

Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and Blackest Night – Green Lantern I’m enjoying and I’m glad that the story is moving forward but it doesn’t feel very organic.  It slowed down for a while as we waited for “Public Retcon” to chug along to its conclusion and then zoomed along to rush through the Red Lanterns and Blue Lanterns and Orange Lanterns so that we’re ready for Black Lanterns in a few months.
I’m still picking up Green Lantern Corps but I’m saddened by the direction it’s gone lately.  Before I felt like the two books really complimented each other with GL focusing on Hal and Earth and him starting fresh, while GLC dealt with the people who had been there all along with their own responsibilities.  But now GLC feels more like a sidekick book – dealing with things that GL set up but didn’t have time to explore.
I think the perfect example of this is the difference between how the Sinestro Corps War was structured and how Blackest Night will be.  The SCW story started with a oneshot and then bounced back and forth between GL and GLC for several issues.  There were also a few oneshots done on the side to elaborate upon things and wrap up afterwards.  But with BN’s higher profile, it has been expanded out into it’s own miniseries (which I have every intention of buying) and it will have several side minis and oneshots around it as well.  I’m sure there will be enough going on that GL and GLC have something to do, but I’d hate to see their relevance sink any lower.  (Which would be hard as the last issue of GLC ended with one character killing himself…when Legion of the Three Worlds shows him alive and well 1,000 years in the future.)
Also, if you’re not a fan of “momentism” Blackest Night will not be a story for you.  I’m sure we’ll see this cover where Hal wears all the colored rings before he becomes The White Lantern (powered by the “Emotion: Life”) and saves the universe.
When Blackest Night ends I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the Green Lantern titles.  Of course that’s nearly a year from now and I’ll have to see where I am.  However I’m sticking with GLC as long as Patrick Gleason is penciling it.  If he were to leave I’d follow him to whatever book he does instead-a Batman title would be perfect!

Justice Society of America – Geoff Johns’ last issue just came out and that will be the last one I pick up.  Ever since the book relaunched a few years ago and transitioned from “JSA” to “Justice Society of America” I haven’t gotten the same enjoyment out of it.  And that could be for a variety of reasons (dragging storylines, art, too many characters and too little of the ones I care about).  And maybe when the new creative team comes on it might return to what I knew it as, but I was really only sticking around the last year out of a mistaken sense of duty to my complete run of JSA.  I won’t regret dropping the book now, but I do regret sticking with it this long.

Captain America – This is fantastic.  I’m willing to follow whatever Ed Brubaker has planned and see it through to the end.  The books are always a priority to read and are fun to reread in stacks.  Brubaker also has another title about to start in July that I’m a very curious about titled “Reborn“.  There aren’t many details on it, but I trust that whatever happens in it will be great and well thought out.  Though if it’s a Captain America book I wish I didn’t have to read a second title – mini-series or no.  And there is also “The Marvels Project” still to come and I’ll be picking that up too.

Daredevil – This is a similar situation to JSA, but less bitter.  I’m sure the new team will put out a good comic book after Ed Brubaker leaves, but my bank account will appreciate it if I collect one less comic book a month.

Criminal and Incognito – Two amazing books and I’ll read which ever one Brubaker and Phillips decide to put out each moth.  I cannot get enough of these books.

Guardians of The Galaxy and War of Kings – I started reading Guardians of the Galaxy simply for Adam Warlock but I’ve come to like the rest of the cast.  But I’ll be very happy when the War of Kings crossover has ended and there will be a story about Adam and (presumably) The Magus.  That will keep me in my seat and waiting patiently.  However War of Kings has not impressed me.  It could be because I’ve never cared about the Inhumans or rarely cared about the Shi’ar while the characters I do like have mostly been in the background.  However writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have done a good job making something memorable happen in each issue.  I’m waiting patiently for the crossover to end.  However I cannot stand the Darkhawk books coming out with this.

Usagi Yojimbo – A fantastic title that I savor each month.  And I’m very excited about the painted graphic novel coming out later this year to celebrate the 25th anniversary.  Great!

Mini Series

Final Crisis: Legion of the 3 Worlds – There is one final issue still to come and I’m sure it will be just as fun as the ones before it.

SeaGuy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye – I didn’t read the first mini but I regret it.  Right now I am on a quest to find the first issue in a back issue bin somewhere.  Once I do I’m looking forward to reading both of these series and the third one Morrison has promised in the future!

Irregular books

RASL – This is good but I’m glad that the publishing schedule is going to change.  I understand why Jeff Smith wanted to put the book out with longer chapters and it reads great that way, but the long delay between issues kills it for me.  I don’t want to try and remember back what happened four months ago when I’m reading a action packed mystery about physics.  More frequent regular length comics will work much better.

All-Star Batman & Robin, The Boy Wonder – Buying this or not buying this is sort of a moot point now isn’t it?  DC says it will be completed but doesn’t say when.  Part of me wants it completed because I want to see this train wreck through to the last casualty.  On the other hand, if this is never finished it certainly won’t go down in the Comics History of Great Unfinished Comics with Big Numbers, Marvelman or even La Cosa Nostroid.

Ex Machina – Things are moving right along.  I’m enjoying it but still anxious that when this ends I’ll suffer from severe BKV withdrawls.

True Story Swear To God – It’s still coming out!  Tom has apparently had a hand injury and hasn’t been able to draw.  But back in January he posted the cover to the next issue on his blog.  So hopefully he’s feeling better and things are getting back on track.  I’m excited!  Of course, I’ve been enjoying his writing work as it comes out for other companies.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Century:1910 came out last week and I loved it.  This is the start of the new volume and the stakes have been raised with new dangers and internal strife and disfunctions.  I will now sit and wait patiently for more of it to come.  I’m particularly looking forward to the final chapter of Century which will make references to The Wire, Homicide: Life on The Streets and LOST.  How wonderful.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I was very excited to get the reprint of the first issue this last Free Comic Book Day.  I’m also looking forward to the trade collection coming out in July that reprints the original 11 issues and 4 oneshots.  I’ll also get the new miniseries set in the TMNT Adventures continuity when that comes out later on.  I’m a Turtles fan but rarely read their comics…which I elaborated on earlier.

The Goon – Continues the greatness.  As expected, now that Goon Year is over Eric Powell has slowed down considerably.  But that’s ok.  I loved the 12 months of regular Goon I got and I’m waiting for the next batch.

Upcoming Books
Adventure Comics & Superman: Secret Origin – I was enjoying Action Comics before the New Krypton storyline but my enthusiasm petered out halfway through.  While before that there had been a definite emphasis on writing full complete stories, NK felt like a long trailer for the next few years of Superman comics and I wasn’t really excited about where things were headed.  So I dropped it all, but when Secret Origin comes out I’ll pick that up.  And now I’m leaning heavily towards picking up Adventure Comics starring Superboy.  When I thought it was going to be a Legion book I wasn’t interested, but a Superboy solo title just might earn my money.

Wednesday Comics – Forget what I said about the Batman comics.  For twelve weeks nothing on the shelves will compare to this in terms of content or craft!  Thank you Mark Chiarello!

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