I liked Tron: Legacy. The dialogue was cheesy and it tried to be too self important at times, but it gave me what I wanted, a fun ride with neat visuals and sound. Of course as I watched it there were lots of things that jumped out at me and made me think, I’ve seen these scenes and images before in Batman and in Iron Man. Am I making it up? Some of these are kind of specific…

Batman movies Tron: Legacy Iron Man movies
Protagonist Bruce Wayne, rich orphan. Sam Flynn, rich orphan. Tony Stark, rich guy whose parents are dead.
Source of protagonist’s skills Years of training A natural genius-just like his dad A natural genius-just like his dad
Protagonist’s relationship with his father’s company Largest shareholder who uses the company to support his activities Largest shareholder who causes trouble for them Largest shareholder who uses the company to support his activities
Who else is at the company Lucius Fox, dad’s friend who has been pushed aside by leadership.

William Earle, evil CEO.

Alan Bradley, dad’s friend who has been pushed aside by leadership.

Some guy, evil CEO.

Obadiah Stane, dad’s friend who felt pushed aside by Tony and evil CEO.
Jeff Bridges No. Yes. Yes.
Cillian Murphy Yes. Yes. No.
Motorcycle with wheels as wide as the rest of the bike Yes. The Batpod in The Dark Knight. Yes. The new Lightcycles. No. Why would Iron Man need a motorcycle? (LINK to http://tinyurl.com/28x783b)
Scene where the protagonist stands still on the top of a building and the camera spins around him from a distance Yes. Batman does it a lot. It’s kind of a big part of his shtick. Yes. On the top of the ENCOM Tower. No.
Scene where the protagonist trades with a homeless man Yes. Bruce trades his cash and jacket for a homeless man’s jacket in Batman Begins. Yes. Sam trades his Dad’s original model Lightcycle for a homeless program’s cloak. No.
Base jumping Yes. Bruce uses this as a cover for why he needs the gear he builds his costume out of in Batman Begins. Yes. Sam jumps from the ENCOM Tower and a parachute magically appears on his back as he falls. No
A train running along an elevated track Yes. The climax of Batman Begins is fought on one. Yes. The Flynns and Quorra escape the city on a Solar Sailer going… somewhere?
Flying high Yes. Batman flies the Batplane and pauses to recreate the Batsymbol over the moon and fall back down in the 1989 movie. Yes. Quorra flies their Lightplane and leads the villain into the air where he freezes, pauses to look cool and fall back down. Yes. Tony leads his villain high into the air where he freezes and falls back down.
Fast food hamburgers No. Yes. For the dog. Yes. For Tony Stark.

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