Well, my year of Friday’s Five Favorites is over. It was fun but I’m glad it’s done. It was a lot of work and pressure. Throughout the year I did actually try to get a head of myself and have a few lists waiting in the can. Some didn’t get finished and I might have only had a title or a few options. But rather than have those linger in my GoogleDocs, I thought I’d share what I had in mind but never finished…

Comic Book Costumes

  • Archangel’s costume…with Death mask
  • Spider-Man (Red & Blue)
  • Spider-Man (Black)
  • The Painted Doll

Comic Covers

  • Crime SuspenseStories #22
  • Invincible Iron Man #118
  • Fantastic Four #12

Book Covers

Movie Posters

Songs about Time

  • Time Has Come Today

Songs with the word “Girl” in the title

Songs about crossdressing

  • Boys and Girls by Blur
  • Wild Side by Velvet Underground
  • Lola

Songs about drugs

  • Girl on LSD
  • I’m Waiting for My Man
  • Heroin

Transformers characters: Autobots (& Maximals)

  1. Hot Rod
  2. Kup
  3. Grimlock
  4. Depth Charge
  5. Blaster

Transformers characters: Decepticons (& Predacons)

  1. Starscream
  2. Tarantulas
  3. Bonecrusher
  4. Waspinator
  5. Cyclonus

Character transformations

  1. Warren Worthington III from Angel to Death to Archangel
  2. Swamp Thing II’s discovery of lack of humanity
  3. Cobra Commander into a snake


  • Robot from Lost In Space
  • Crow, Tom Servo & Gypsy from Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • Bender from Futurama

Phrases I’ve stolen from Pop Culture and use all the time without people realizing it

  • “It could come in handy some day” from Darkwing Duck.
  • A tie between “Beesareonthewantnow?” and “Youshotwhointhewhatnow?” from the simpsons

Songs that namedrop Jesus

  • “Heroin” by the velvet underground
  • “Jesus is just alright with me”

Songs about drugs & alcohol

  • Heroin
  • One burbon, one scotch and one beer
  • Girl on LSD

Local logos

  • City Car Share
  • H&N Fish Co
  • McMillian Electric
  • Mochi Media

Songs and their Sequels

  • Devil went down to Georgia & Devil Came Back to Georgia
  • Waiting for My Man & here Comes Your Man
  • Video killed the radio star & Internet killed the Video Star

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