We made it!

WonderCon was a lot of fun this weekend.  David, Eric and myself were all on hand for the weekend, but we had a dozen other friends stop by and check us out.  But besides our usual group of supporters we had the opportunity to meet lots of great people.  We tried to speak with everyone who came by and we really appreciated their time.  And we had the chance to meet some of the folks near us like:

Looking at the rest of the con schedule it’s hard to say what we’ll be attending.  This took a lot of time and left us pretty tired at the end of it.  After having a booth at APE last year I’m still on the fence about going there again.  And with my upcoming wedding, my free time is getting stretched pretty thin.  So we haven’t made any decisions yet, but we’re going to have to think about what we do next very carefully.

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