Just a few notes on things I was thinking about that should be revisited…

A collection of the referenced Batman comics
When discussing Batman comics I said how much I hoped for a book that would collect the old issues of Batman referenced by Grant Morrison during his run.  Well, here it is.

These stories I was hoping for will be included:
Batman: 113 “Zur-En-Arrh”; 134 “Rainbow Creature”; 156 “Robin Dies at Dawn”
Detective Comics: 215 “The Batmen of All Nations”; 235 “The First Batman”

These I suggested but didn’t make the cut:
Batman: 62 “The Batman of England”; 65 “A Partner For Batman”; 86 “Batman – Indian Chief”; 153 “Prisoners of Three Worlds”

And there were some I wasn’t expecting:
Batman: 162 “The Batman Creature” (Not sure how it relates to Morrison’s stories)
Detective Comics: 267 “Batman Meets Bat-Mite” (First Bat-Mite makes perfect sense though)
World’s Finest Comics: 89 “The Club of Heroes!” (Another Club of Heroes story I didn’t know about?  Ooo!)

Of course I’ll be picking this up.

Battle for the Cowl spin offs
It appears that my guesses were wrong for who could star the BftC one-shots.  I guessed the main male players (Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Tommy Elliot, and Damien, with Jean-Paul Valley as a possible replacement) or the main female players (Barbara Gordon, Catwoman, Talia, Batwoman, Spoiler).

The first announced single issue is “Commissioner Gordon.”  So I’m off to a bad start.  But if there is a theme then maybe it’s regular people?  Gordon, Alfred, someone else from Gotham Central?, Leslie Thompkins…idunno.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.

I should point out that there will be Oracle (Barbara Gordon) and Azrael (but not Jean-Paul Valley) mini-series as well.  I give myself partial credit so far.

Grant Morrison returns to Batman
With Frank Quietly?  And they’ve started working on it since they have a long lead time before the first issue comes out?  Perfect.

A new Brian K. Vaughn book
I asked for it here.  And we get it here.  He is indeed working on something and but we probably won’t see anything until Ex Machina ends.  Which should be in 10 issues, but it won’t be over in 10 months I’m sure.

My top 10 comic battles – all over again!
Comics Should be Good has decided to fill in the rest of the top 100 comic book battles that readers voted on.  While I had 4 of my 10 suggestions make it into the top 25 I thought I would see how I did in the rest of the list.  And sadly only one more of my picks (#7- The JLA, The Avengers and everyone else they could get vs. Krona and everyone he could get) made it to the list at #71.  Ah well.

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