1. The Princess Bride
  2. Transformers: The Movie (1986)
  3. Blues Brothers
  4. The Third Man
  5. Casablanca

As we all wait for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to be repealed either now or in the future, I’ve been thinking about a meeting my grandfather went to back in May of 1977 and the statement released afterwards.

In 1977 the Episcopal Church allowed the ordination of women and one of the early and most contentious ordinations was that of Ellen Marie Barrett who was a lesbian. Discussions and arguments spread across the country and my grandfather, Rev. Mac R. Stanley attended a meeting of California clergy. I know a little bit about the meeting from his journal entries and what a gay clergyman said to me at his funeral, but the conversation reached a turning point when my grandfather spoke late in the day.

Afterwards they released a statement in full support of Rev. Barrett and other gay clergy. I can only find it excerpts of it online but what is there is I think still noteworthy:

Gay men and women have made enormous contributions to the Church … daring all, risking all — to serve unfalteringly people who if they knew they were homosexual would turn on them in confusion, or horror, or unease …. It is only from the outcast that we can ever be redeemed, only from that which we want to cast out of ourselves that in finally facing honestly we can ever become whole men and women again. Jesus’ whole life is a statement about that …. If homosexual men and women are not good enough to serve at the altars of the Lord who went to a cross for us all, then perhaps they are not fit in any capacity to serve or minister …. The Church, like all institutions, has always accepted homosexuals when it was to its profit, convenience, and benefit. What it has not done is to be honest about that, to be forthright, to give back the love it has received. I have seen a fine and distinguished bishop of this Church, Kilmer Myers, walk unfalteringly to a cross on this issue, as he asks us to look again at a Christ who holds out hope, confrontation, forgiveness, new possibilities, and redemption for all of us equally. If Ellen Barrett…if homosexual men and women want out of their sadness and joy, to reach out lovingly — what about that is so threatening to us? … Can we look at what the Church’s legalisms have done to people? I call the Church to not only look at that. I call the Church to repent …. The real business of the Church … is to reach out and help bring in the Kingdom of God to our world …. In the name of God, I urge you to help this saintly bishop to start the process now.

-Statement to the Clergy Conference (topic: “sexuality”) – Diocese of California – the Rev. William H. Barcus III, May 5, 1977

This of course took place five years before I was born and I didn’t hear about it until at my grandfather’s funeral when a gay clergyman (whose name I don’t recall) came up to my grandmother  with me, my mother and then Bishop of California and thanked her for all my grandfather had done that day for gay rights.

You can find what I quoted and a lot more information at http://www.oasisca.org/OAsisa%20Transfer%202009/0_Historical/chron.html#1977

  1. Microbes in Mono Lake found that do not require all of the long thought essential elements of life in 2010
  2. Allan Hills 84001 meterorite believed to contain traces of life on Mars in 1996
  3. Spirit & Opportunity of Mars Exploration Rover Mission beginning in 2003
  4. First extrasolar planets PSR B1257+12 B & C discovered in 1992
  5. Planets found in the Goldilocks/hospitable zone around Gliese 581 in 2009/2010
  1. Adam Warlock – aka “Him”
  2. Dick Grayson – aka “Robin,” “Nightwing,” “Batman”
  3. Warren Worthington III – aka “Angel,” “Death,” “Archangel”
  4. Peter Parker – aka “Spider-Man”
  5. Bruce Wayne – aka “Batman”
  1. The chair Abraham Lincoln was in when he was shot
  2. 1 of the 3 copies of the 13th amendment
  3. George Washington Carver exhibit
  4. Dymaxion House: R. Buckminster Fuller’s “House of the Future” from 1946
  5. Montgomery, Alabama city bus
  1. “Dead or alive, you are coming with me.” – Murphy/Robocop
  2. “Bitches, leave.” – Clarence Boddicker
  3. “I know you! You’re dead! We killed you! We killed you!” – Emil M. Antonowsky
  4. “I’d buy that for a dollar!” – Bixby Snyder
  5. “There’s your god damn safe! Open that son of a bitch!” – Chessman
  1. 1939’s New York World’s Fair in New York City
  2. 1893’s “World’s Columbian Exposition” in Chicago
  3. 1915’s Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco
  4. 1894’s California Midwinter International Exposition in San Francisco
  5. 2010’s Expo 2010 in Shanghai
  1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  2. Garfield’s Halloween Adventure
  3. The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror series
  4. South Park’s “Pinkeye”, “Spookyfish” & “Korn’s Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery”
  5. Roseanne episodes “BOO!”, “Trick or Treat”, “Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down”, “Halloween IV”, “Halloween V”, “Skeleton in the Closet” & “Halloween: the Final Chapter”

It’s not easy being a fan of an out of town sports team.  The opportunities to see your team are either rare or expensive and always influenced by opposition from friends, neighbors or announcers.  You’ve got to put up with a lot for just a chance at glory.

In my lifetime it’s become infinitely easier to follow a sports team from another city or state. I grew up reading two-day old box scores in a newspaper sports section but now I can get streaming recaps or each pitch on the computer I carry in my pocket. If I felt like spending the money I could pay to get everyone of my team’s games on tv, but I don’t.  So now I just have to wait for schedules to align when my team plays the locals and their announcers bad mouth the opponents for three hours.  But text updates and slanted tv coverage pale in comparison to the big chance to support my team and be a part of the game, seeing it live.

I happily buy a ticket, hot dog and soda and sit on plastic seats while I cheer for my team and great plays on either side of the ball.  I never taunt or curse and I’ll go out of my way to avoid drunks.  I don’t cause trouble not because I fear the people sitting around me, but because I respect them and the sportsmanship we’re there to enjoy.

But still, I’m wearing my colors. I’m the lone spot of blue and white in a sea of black and orange.  It’s a small act of defiance that says this is what I believe and support and I’m willing to suffer slings and arrows because of it.  Though instead I get “whys” which make me regularly justify my loyalty to a team that’s five hundred miles away from the city I’ve lived in for the last ten years.

It’s because I’ve been wearing these colors when they were my local team and have keep it up for the last twenty-four years through good, bad and ugly years.  So just because I’ve moved to a place that already has a team, doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon mine.  And it certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy for my fair-weather-fan friends and neighbors dressed in their brand new black and orange outfits.

  1. I Ain’t Marching Anymore
  2. Draft Dodger Rag
  3. Here’s to the State of Mississippi
  4. That Was the President
  5. The Highwayman
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